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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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WAPAD 9/365

Picture a Moonlit sky behind eyes so beautiful like star filled swimming pools

So amazing a sight, it makes night look pitiful.

Voice so lovely it lightens the heart,

Smile so pretty that it brightens the dark.

Hear me when I say, she makes simple words simply sound like art.

And her thoughts can compare to the beauty that she bears. Stunning and exquisite, like a delicious art exhibit….

Ima stop there….

I’m trippin’

I’m trying to describe a person I think is very beautiful, But her true beauty goes deeper than the physical.

Conversations reveal that I can speak to her for real and she’ll get what I’m saying and know when I’m playing.

And understands my ways and how I feel when I say…

And I’m evenly impressed with her mind and her insecurities

So I think about her, EVERYDAY, when I go for a walk

Every moment when I get the random urge to talk…

But in my presence, it’s her essence that renders me thoughtless

I’ve felt love before but never love like this….

Now I wish to savor every word and every moment, to add to the flavor of whatever we got going.

I want to breathe life to this thing that’s been a long time coming…

I’m talking about True L…

Hold up…

Now is not the moment…

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