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WAPAD 147/365

Everyone saw us together.

They complimented us, I fell for you.
You were the prize that was always on my arm. My friends couldn’t believe that I let my guard down.

You were the best I’ve ever had
Wise ones told me to never lose you
The foolish ones even said you were a good choice.

But then, you walked away.

In public, I felt like a walking shame. I would feel the eyes watching me and the mouths gossiping about me.

People would even question me.

“Oh you guys aren’t together anymore?”

They act like they feel sorry for me, but I can see their second face mocking me.

It was too good to be true they thought. Too true to believe for me.

A good thing escaped my grip.
Although what I felt for you is gone, these feelings I will keep holding.

The love definitely reached its dead end,
But I can’t lose, I was born to win.

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