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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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WAPAD 149/365

Your name is the theme song of my heart.

You touched my heart without the assistance of your hands.

You touched me in a way I can’t even find the words to describe.

If the letters of the alphabet were enough to describe you, I would say:

Your lips are medicine to my naked soul.

Your touch is the reason I now know the feeling of having goosebumps underneath my skin.

Your tone speak love to my ear lobes at almost every sentence.

Your eyes allows me to see a version of me I never knew before.

You are a free spirit bound to nothing.
With you, I felt unshackled from the issues life laid at our feet.

Your entire aura elevates me.

Your existence alone inspired me.

The man I am today is influenced by the women I’ve met like you.

You are a blessing to this planet and an angel in disguise

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