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Anatomist (B.Sc)

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WAPAD 150/365

She wanted a strong man, not one with the figure and strength that resembles the Hulk, but one able to bear the pains that come with life. She wanted a man who challenged her to

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WAPAD 149/365

Your name is the theme song of my heart. You touched my heart without the assistance of your hands. You touched me in a way I can’t even find the words to describe. If the

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WAPAD 147/365

Everyone saw us together. They complimented us, I fell for you. You were the prize that was always on my arm. My friends couldn’t believe that I let my guard down. You were the best

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WAPAD 9/365

Picture a Moonlit sky behind eyes so beautiful like star filled swimming pools So amazing a sight, it makes night look pitiful. Voice so lovely it lightens the heart, Smile so pretty that it brightens

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WAPAD 5/365

Before a man even approaches a woman, he knows exactly which role he wants that woman to play in his life. With each and every woman that he meets, he looks for ways she can

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WAPAD 4/365

Sitting outside savoring the cool evening breeze, I listened to my neighbor, as she rains curses upon the poor creäture again. She punctuates her stream of curses with slaps and claps, as her hands seek

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WAPAD 3/365

How do you deal with people who don’t believe in you? “That’s easy,” I told myself. “Two words: FUCK you!” Really, why would I care if someone doesn’t believe in me? As far as I’m

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WAPAD 2/365

  Even during the worst of times When I feel the years go slipping by Life seems rife with possibilities When the New Year arrives. Buoyed by hope at the New Year coming I feel

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WAPAD 1/365

  Stunned by your elegance, you are beautiful in every way. The very scent of your fragrance burns through the skin like sun rays. From the feminine in your walk to the sexiness in your

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Do you think it’s ever permissible to cheat?

14:48:03“Do you think it’s ever permissible to cheat?” I have another 90 minutes before this CDS meeting ends, And there's random topics being thrown around. I am not one to talk in public and this

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