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Dear Future Wife – I Thought I Found you

Dear future wife, Hey love! been a while.. How' you been? This time, I was so convinced I had met you, I stopped writing you writing generally. Who would have known I could tolerate someone

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To A Wonderful Woman – Happy Birthday Mum

In a lifetime I will never find another, who will love me as unconditionally as you have. I am truly blessed to not only have you as my mother but a soul mate. A soul

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The Pastor With An Iron Fist

Praise and worship was over, the whole congregation rose as the man of God strode in. He looked neither to the right nor left as he made straight for the pulpit. Women curtsied and men

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The Young University Girl

This is welcoming me back from a long hiatus; it was necessary, and yes, I missed you too!! Enjoy and please leave a comment below. ************** She sat still like the atmosphere was that of

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Pretty Liar | Pilot

PILOTPretty LiarShe watched from the corner, the good looking guy in the perfectly tailored suit.Expensive and expertly coiffed from the way his short black wavy hair was styled, all the way down to his shined

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Open Letter To a S̶p̶e̶c̶i̶a̶l̶ Person On Her Birthday

Dearest,Its a wonderful stroke of good fortune to know someone as amazing as you. I was at a place where the world had nothing special to offer, till you arrived.Since we connected, I’ve been on

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Poem | The Un-invited

Before you say it, *sheeeh* I know. I should get flogged and thrown into a pit-full of  crocodile. Yeah yeah... Life happened. Anyways, in between the break I've found love, graduated(yaay!) and I'm BAack!Talking about

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On My Mysterious Journey To Ikeja

This is my 140 post on this blog.Kinda like reminds me of the 140boys we had back then in secondary school. Or the 140 twitter character limit... Sorry Guys. I thought if I introduced this post

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> Dateline: April 25th 1992 3:27am

> Dateline: April 25th 1992 3:27am> A hospital in ketu (though I tell people it was jand sha..)> Doctor: “Push ma'am, Push, just a little harder…I can see d head, yes PUSH!!> Lady: mmmhhhmm… what

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“I Just Don’t Love You Anymore”

I often wonder what my life would have been like, if I could peek at another other than this one I have. I wonder whether it's really possible to create your own destiny as commonly

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