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To A Wonderful Woman – Happy Birthday Mum

In a lifetime I will never find another, who will love me as unconditionally as you have. I am truly blessed to not only have you as my mother but a soul mate. A soul

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To My Best Pal On His Birthday | BADARU OLUWATOBI

I’m not even sure where to begin this  really.Can I start off by saying that you are fuckin’ amazing?Because you are.Not many times in a lifetime comes a special person who changes your way of

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Thanks For The Birthday Wishes

To those that wrote on my Facebook wall, (about300+ of you)2days ago was my birthday. Yeah! But unlike when I turned 18 (old enough to bet the ponies) or when I turned 20 (duh), I

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The Day I Saw The World | Poem-ish

On the day that I saw the world.For the first time, frightening, I so feeble,So wide and big and filled with people.I, weeping for the loss of the cocoon that shielded,They, rejoicing for the gain

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My Birthday Guide

Its Seven days to my bday!!! Yaaaaaayy!!Unfortunately, I have exams that day. :-(But notwithstanding, I don't want this bday to be like every other bday I've had for the last 20years. C'mon I officially enter

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Open Letter To My kid Sister On Her Birthday

Today is my little sister's birthday.and as such, today's post is dedicated to herand to that beautiful thing called sisterhood.Dear Elfrida,Happy birthday! Lemme say this, You're growing too fast!, Now, I know that I never

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Happy Birthday To My GirlFriend

My love!, today is your 44th Birthday (don’t worry, no one really reads this blog so your secret is safe) and to be honest is another day to celebrate the greatest Mom in the world.

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