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2015 26/Jul

Praise and worship was over, the whole congregation rose as the man of God strode in. He looked neither to the right nor left as he made straight for the pulpit.

Women curtsied and men bowed in his wake. He didn’t acknowledge the greetings but he was aware of it. It was his due. He had earned it

He climbed the elevated podium and stood, staring haughtily over the sea of heads. He held himself erect for a full minute. In that minute, you could hear the bated breathes as people waited expectantly to ‘hear from God’.

Dramatically, the figure on the pulpit threw up his hands and dropped to his knees. Immediately the hall erupted as people scrambled to their knees. You don’t remain standing when ‘The Commanding Bishop’ of His Glorious Body Ministries was on his knees. Keep Reading

Disclaimer: Explicit content contained therein. Parental Guidance Strongly Advised. If you are offended by sexual
It's another Friday and its great to be back with another blog! I wrote this
Hey guys, I’m back…Of course I mean bitches in the “you’re my awesome fans and
> Dateline: April 25th 1992 3:27am> A hospital in ketu (though I tell people it
*Opening Montage* The following programme is Rated 18+, viewer discretion is advised as this program
2013 11/Jul

The time was almost 3AM. The vigil was getting thicker. The guest prophet, a smallish man on cheap suit had been on for about four hours now. His suit was drenched in sweat capable of quenching a storey building on fire, if squeezed. He had been performing signs and wonders all the while, telling people […]

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2013 26/Apr

“The Lord sent Jonah to Nineveh to the…the lord sent Jonah to the people of….the lord sent…aaargh!” I groaned in frustration. This just wasn’t working. I wasn’t cut out for any kind of reading. If it came to looking cool hanging out with chicks,just looking fly with the guys then I’m your guy any day. […]

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2012 16/May

Its common knowledge that the most ignored part of most negotiations is the ‘Terms of Agreements’ especially if its almost 10 pages long (which is mostly thecase). Many partnerships have failed, businesses have crashed and people havefelt cheated all because they didn’t have the patience to read through 10 paged small print of legal jargon.Who […]

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