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The Ant Buster | A Good Toast Gone Bad

This is a guest post.. Read and enjoy!This is a painful story, and I don’t intend to make u laugh, Smile, or even brighten your day one bit.This story is an emotional one.Now before we

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I saw this somewhere on the internet and after reading, I completely agree and decided to share......Hope you see the sense it it.Enjoyphoto by: mid-day.comWRITTEN BY: Distinct Generation MinistryMy (our) answer is NO!There are many

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Having A Bad Day

We have a featured writer Today. He's a good friend of mine.. Enjoy.Have you ever had an extremely bad day, I mean a really bad day. Am talking like when you wake up in the

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ALUU 4: Goodnight Pain

ALUU 4: Goodnight Pain. "thieves, thieves" he screamed, it was almost funny. Not until more voices joined the chorus as they screamed and shouted on us. We could have ran at least to save our

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Another True Life Story

I placed my hand under my pillow to get my phone, it was just 2:45 a.m and my sister’s cackle had once again woken me up for the fifth consecutive time this week. I hardly

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The Relationship From Hell

It’s either, am pregnant or someone is pregnant is for me because I have been craving some really odd meals at very odd times of the day. Like craving Pounded yam and Onugbu soup *Does

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