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Guess Who’s Back?

Hey guys, I’m back…Of course I mean bitches in the “you’re my awesome fans and writing buddies and I’ve missed you dearly” way! My last blog (before the last) was probably about 5 months ago..

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Poem | The Un-invited

Before you say it, *sheeeh* I know. I should get flogged and thrown into a pit-full of  crocodile. Yeah yeah... Life happened. Anyways, in between the break I've found love, graduated(yaay!) and I'm BAack!Talking about

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My Life has Become Boring

So its been weeks I have written anything, there has just been this no inspiration period and I feel like me ranting would just leave that period. I have actually never come on here to

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RANT | Girls, Women, Females…Whatever your problems are! Part 2

I've been on a terrible run of writer's block. nothing seems to inspire me these days. I pick up my phone and drop it almost immediately. don't ask me why. This past week has been encouraging

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Another “Ese Walters” Story 《==》A Vivid Look At (some) Pastor’s Lives Behind The Scene

Ejiro sat in Mama Comfort’s Bukka staring mournfully at the last piece of meat floating in the greasy pool of Ewedu and Gbegiri before him. It was the kind they called roundabout, his favourite, he

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Mr. Wizkid Ruined My Life

Now before Mr. Wizkid sues me for slander, and wins of course, let me present to you the facts to prove it. You see, once upon a time I was blissfully unaware of wizkid’s existence

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An Anatomy Of My Love Life

I’ve always considered myself a pretty good date. A charming and witty conversationalist, respectful, flirty at the right moments, very good at avoiding staring at your boobs and seemingly the best good luck charm a

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Let’s Play A Love Game

I’ve written a lot of posts about love and the matters of the heart over the years, so much so that these days, every time I address the subject matter, I feel like I’m stuck

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I Am Now Convinced That I Am Going To Die Single.

I am now convinced that I am going to die single.Growing up, I had been tutored to have high demands when it came to women. I was encouraged not to ‘settle’. So, as early as

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The Confused State Of Mind | The Head or The Heart

Its the 5th month of the Year, the month of 'may'.Why don’t I feel the excitement- that amazing feeling that everything will be different, better and all one has ever wished for?Why do I feel

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