Its a wonderful stroke of good fortune to know someone as amazing as you. I was at a place where the world had nothing special to offer, till you arrived.

Since we connected, I’ve been on a natural high. Your vivacious self has livened my spirit and revealed a side of me I never thought existed.

The sound of your voice is like the harmony of the angels and I find myself caught in a trance when we talk. Your words create a world of light, hope and endless possibility.

Your foresight is a source of inspiration. The simplicity of your sophistication is worthy of emulation. Your immaculate candour fires up my heart.

The connection we share tells me all is right with my world. My heart expands and contracts because you are God-sent to fill me up with the elixir of your essence and substance.

The once dark and silent tunnel is filled with light and echoes of your cheerful laughter. The end of the tunnel gives off an even brighter light, the light of your smile, a promise of a brighter and happier tomorrow.

I consider myself highly privileged to be a part of your beautiful and wonderful world. I would gladly go through anything again and again to get to the bend where we meet.

On this special day of yours, my heart is my gift to you. A heart that won’t lie. A heart that will always care, and a heart that will always be there.

You are a star; my star. Shine for the world, even as you’ve shone for me.

Happy Birthday.