Àdùké, a stunning beauty: petite but full in every other office. Hers is a light chocolate skin that shines through any season; glistening and moist. She has the most beautiful set of legs seen anywhere, complemented by a full back and perfect waist. So is the dimple which adorned her cheek.

An ample bosom that showcased a full chest and an endearing heart followed up and ended in a most rounded ever smiling face that delighted the weariest of souls.

She is simply gorgeous. Her beauty is out of this world.

She also has a heart of such endless depths to match. Yes, Àdùké is all of this and so much more.

He, — was not the beast, unfortunately. Well, not in any form of deformity. He was a hunk with a height to compensate for hers, and strength to show for her every frailty. He just wasn’t the average high-end looking man.

He shared her complete smile and perfect denture in a remarkable face that brought older and younger opposites to obeisance.

But they seem to complete each other, as everyone said. Nature seemed to agree for a rough wind always seemed to mellow to a loving whisper at their sight. It seemed a union made in heaven, as indeed they made it.

Àdùké had an eye for helping the less privileged and did this to the detriment of her pockets such that she hardly had anything to boast of, except perfumes: she was a lover of perfumes. He, not so generous in that sense, he always supports what ever she did and goes far and beyond to please her. They were a perfect team.

But how did it all begin?

It all started at a slum. Faith had brought them there together.

That day, she wore a t-shirt with blue jeans and suede shoes. It was a very simple outfit – a tomboyish one. But in his eyes, she looked like a queen. Àdùké is one of those women who believed in simplicity. It was her philosophy and it reflected in everything she did, and most noticeably, in her appearance.

She carried out her philanthropic duties with glee. Everyone seemed to like her. He was in awe as he watched her play with children of the community. As he looked at her, he felt all the boldness he had been cruising on, leaving him and in his nervousness, he worried about what to say to her.

She had noticed him stare at her so she walked up to him to say “Hi”. She had a small, narrow face with eyes that sparkled behind her glasses when she spoke.

Àkànní and Àdùké clicked at once. They became inseparable. He was ingenious and fun and she was eccentric and bold. One couldn’t call it a sexual attraction at all.

In fact, it took three months for Àkànní to come to the shocking realization that he had in fact fallen in love with a tomboy. He then proceeded to ask her out a month later.

All his dating life, only seriously sexy curvy girls had got his attention. He was always attracted to them physically. But somehow, Àdùké had become his best friend and he couldn’t get his mind to stop thinking about her.

The only one person that stuck by him through thick and thin. That saw him through some crazy tumultuous stages of his life. Her shoulders were strong enough for him to cry on and her back was strong enough to bear the weight of both of them.

When he started to fall into depression, it was her caring but strong arm that pulled him out. She was his buddy, his ally, his partner in crime. She was the most fascinating woman he had ever known.

He started to see things that made him hungry for her… An unusual hunger. Her small firm thighs, the pride of her small breasts and the plump fullness of her pinkish lips.

All his life, he had unconsciously plotted and planned what he would say to pop the question to – “his future wife”. A bunch of ill-conceived pick-up lines, really – the posture he would assume, and even the details of her reaction, which included kissing him, jumping on an imaginary white horse, or unicorn, and riding with him into the sunset.

He had not worked out the details in his daydream, and he certainly had not prepared himself to ask her the question so soon.

They had their first kiss that night, and got married ten months later in a quiet and small traditional setting with only a handful Of witnesses.

It was the best day of their lives. For both of them, they were finally together.