She watched from the corner, the good looking guy in the perfectly tailored suit.
Expensive and expertly coiffed from the way his short black wavy hair was styled, all the way down to his shined to the hilt expensive black Italian shoes.
There was not a thing out of place, not the shirt, suit, wristwatch, she could bet herself a million bucks which she didn’t have, that he carried a Monte Blanc wallet.
He reeked of big bucks; she came across these ones really rarely. He was begging to be a mark, her mark she thought to herself as she watched him move through the high end store perusing the items on display but seeming to have no interest in them.
He could easily afford anything in this high end jewellery store, that much was obvious but the look on his face was as if nothing of interest or value was in the store, when in fact it carried high end designer jewellery items which were really expensive.
Her eyes continued to linger on him as she continued to take in every detail of his physical profile. He wasn’t the most handsome guy she’d ever met but he could hold his own especially as he was perfectly groomed and looked so good in that suit.
He was tall, about Six feet three or thereabouts, fair, with a lean body, in summary he was hot enough. She was almost sure he would be a classic snob, she didn’t like his type and it would make her feel better playing him.
It wasn’t like it would make a dent in his account anyway, this one had more than enough to blow.
She wondered for a moment who he was shopping for, his girlfriend-probably since there was no ring on his finger, another snooty Dam, she was sure.
She tried to guess his profession, looking at him you would think banker or accountant but she knew better.
This one didn’t have a boss, his suit said so. Probably owned his own company, he had the confidence and air of someone who wasn’t hired but did the hiring, too confident, she didn’t want to know what his personality would be like.
Definitely bossy and a perfectionist, he would want everything done his way, no compromises.
She didn’t feel remorse in the least at what she was about to do to him although she’d promised the girls, her two closest friends in the world that she wouldn’t do this anymore but then, this guy was asking for it, besides he looked like he had the money, so it’s not like it would really have much of an effect on him.
She was dead broke at the moment and the house rent was coming in the next week, she had to do something fast, the last of her savings had gone that afternoon when she’d transferred it to her brothers back home.
She desperately needed the cash now.
She’d come into the store hoping to relieve her depression by window shopping and checking out beautiful pieces of Jewellery but that hadn’t helped, instead she’d spotted this Mr. Perfect and was starting to feel really pissed because some people had it all while others had to scrape all their life and still barely make ends meet.
A typical example was her mother who’d broken her back to send her through university only for her to come out and not been able to secure a job. Messed up country this was.
Sometimes she asked God why He hadn’t made it so that everyone possessed the same amount of wealth, nothing like the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer but God had probably sent him her way understanding her urgent need for money.
He seemed to have stopped his uninterested browsing and was admiring a set of diamond bracelets, earrings and wrist watch.
Wow, she raised a brow. That set had a price tag that went into the range of six figures. That was too much, it just might make her plan harder to pull off and she wondered if she could manage it.
She decided to make her move as she saw he was about calling the attention of an attendant.
“Hello,” She swooped in from behind him smiling slightly, his eyes took her in, registering her looks, she knew the effect her looks would have on him, she was an exotic beauty and she had the same effect on every red blooded male.
It would leave him stunned for a few seconds and she planned on capitalising on those few seconds when his brain was mesmerised by her beauty and sent into limbo.
“I see you are interested in my set.” She said looking from the jewellery, up into his eyes.
He looked even better up close possessing a nice pair of pink lips a common yet rare trait seen on light skinned Nigerian men.
Hmmm, but he did look quite familiar, had she met him before?
“I hope you’re not considering buying it? I actually had it reserved a little earlier.”
“Oh?” He said finding his voice but still looking at her.
“really? I didn’t know.”
“ Its beautiful, isn’t it?” She asked as she smiled at him before taking her eyes over to the marvellous jewellery set.
If she carried out this con out successfully, she would be at least five hundred thousand naira richer. That would be enough to pay off her debts, complete her younger brother’s university fees, take care of rent and feeding for that month and get some new outfits for her wardrobe.
She desperately needed some new things, it had been ages since she’d shopped for herself, things having been tight for a while now.
“Yeah, it is.” He said still staring at her wonderingly, still amazed at her looks but seeming to be returning from limbo and realising he was staring at her strangely, he seemed to get a hold of himself because his next words were said seriously
“But I really want it, is it possible you could give it up and pick something else?”
“No way.” She told him
“This is mine.”
“Its for someone really close to me.” He tried again.
“I’m sure it is, Mr……?” She let her voice trail as she looked him in the eyes, he had one of those discerning eyes. She hoped he wouldn’t catch on to what she was about doing to him.
“Hendrix. I-I Mean you can call me Hendrix… ” He replied.
The name rang a faint bell but she still couldn’t place it.
“Well Mr. Hendrix, I’m really sorry, its also for someone important to me.” She smiled as she said it and signalled an attendant who came up immediately.
“Really important.” She repeated again as if trying to convey how important the person was.
He shrugged “Okay then.” He gave up and turned to the attendant who had just come up
“Let her have it.” He said.
This made her smile more as she said her thanks to him, he had played into her hands even better than she’d expected.
She turned to the attendant, her expression turning serious
“You heard him, go and pack it up.”
The girl jumped to the task.
She turned back to him. “Thanks, you’re such a dear. There are some lovely sets just over there, I thought they looked really good.”
“Okay, you’re not leaving, are you? .” He asked.
She shrugged “I was but…..”
He smiled suddenly, a bit shyly and she had an idea what was coming next, it was inevitable.
“I was hoping you’d help me pick something nice since you obviously have an eye for beautiful pieces.” He told her.
“ Sure,” She replied with another dazzling smile not missing the obvious flattery “I’ll be right back after settling with the clerk.” If only he knew she was about to skedaddle.
“Okay.” He replied and then turned to where she’d pointed.
‘Sucker’ she said under her breath as she followed behind the sales clerk. When she was done, she accepted the bag.
“Mr Williams will make the payments when he’s done.” She said briskly, with a clipped no nonsense tone.
The girl looked liked she wanted to protest but she obviously didn’t want to annoy a client so she just replied
“Okay.” Afterall she’d heard him say she could have it.
Kite took the bag, struggled to maintain her composure as her heels clicked out of the store with over half a million naira’s worth of diamond jewelry.
‘Piece of cake.’ She thought to herself now at least half a million richer. She would definitely treat to girls to a wonderful dinner that evening.